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treatment of Heart Failure

Addressing the Millions of Patients with Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction

_ About Heart Failure _

Over 68 Million Patients Worldwide suffer from Heart Failure

There are different types of heart failure:

HFpEF is a large and growing problem

Roughly 50% of people with heart failure are diagnosed with HFpEF and incidence for HFpEF continues to grow and outpace HFrEF

Multiple risk factors lead to increase morbidity and mortality for patients. Risk Factors include:

What We Have

Effective solutions for the treatment of HFpEF are very limited

There are no medical therapies that reduce mortality

Medical device implants can be an option for some, but have shown limited benefit and have increased risks

Surgical options are severely limited, with heart transplantation recommended only if severe and debilitating 

A minimally invasive procedure for the treatment of HFpEF

Research & Development

Heart Failure Solutions is pioneering a solution that is designed to be used in a minimally invasive procedure that would how the heart functions during diastole or when the ventricle is relaxed and filling. 
Heart Failure Solutions is pioneering a solution that would expand the treatment options for these patients.


Meet The Team

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Mark Strong
Founder & CEO
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Steve McQuillan
Clinical and Regulatory Advisor



Screenshot 2022-11-07 at 10.59
Dr. Samuel Asirvatham, M.D.
Electrophysiologist & Inventor, Mayo Clinic



Dr. Barry A. Borlaug, M.D.
Mayo Cardiologist and Inventor
Dr. Dan Burkhoff, M.D.
Faculty, CRF Research

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The Problem

Heart Failure Prevalence in USA